We are proud partner

Meltdown eSports Bars

Meltdown is a gamer bar 100% dedicated to eSports, where we come to drink, play and watch streams every day of the week.
XMG is a big part of the franchise. We deliver our latest products to every location and even got our own drink. Visit one of the many Meltdown Bars in europe and try our products or a XMG drink yourself!


Dotacinema Captain's Draft

Incepted in 2014, with a 40.000$ overall prizepool, we are now looking at an insane increase to over 260.000$ in total winnings to be up for grabs. XMG is really proud to be title partner and organizer of this unique Dota2 tournament, alongside our good friends from DotaCinema, the world biggest Youtubechannel for Dota2 with over 1 million subscribers. Be sure to tune in again this year for another clash of the best Captain’s Draft teams in the world.



Be it teams, supported tournament or a fancy stand. XMG was present at most Dreamhack events throughout 2013 and 2014 and we will continue to be in 2015. Bigger projects are going to surface and we are very thrilled with all the fantastic opportunities Dreamhack will be able to provide XMG in the forseeable future.


Homestory Cup

Since its inception in 2010, XMG is the title partner of HomeStoryCup. We kept supporting the tournament while it was growing for very good reasons. It defines what eSport should be like since the very first edition. We are proud that HomeStoryCup, by now, is strongly entwined with XMG and we would not have it any other way. Stay tuned for more XMG on TakeTV in 2015!


Introducing our Starcraft II players


We picked up ToD in April 2013 as the living legend he is, he performed strongly in the past few months and is a valueable asset for Team XMG, both in skill and character, even though he can be quite the lady at times ;) We love ToD.




We are very happy to welcome Socke to the team. He is one of the most famous european players and a true german Starcraft hero. This is a huge success for XMG as a SC2 team and we are sure to have a really good year with Socke in 2014. Be ensured that we will bring him as close to the fans as humanly possible.



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XMG Merchandise

New shipment has arrived. Yet not complete but still totally hot stuff! Be there at one of our events for the chance to grab something during our raffle shows. For order just go to

This is really a fan driven project - many people asked for this but we had some trouble to set it up. It's all a little bit rough though, we hope you don't mind ;-)



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